Project Description

Ušće Shopping Center Unveils Its Vision For A New Shopping Experience

After 15 years as a groundbreaker in Southeast Europe’s retail scene, UŠĆE Shopping Center, jointly owned by MPC Properties and Atterbury Europe, is about to go through an exciting metamorphosis. UŠĆE is pleased to announce the start of its massive redevelopment project, with a firm commitment to reinventing the essence of retail, leisure, and community participation.

As we look to the future, we understand that the evolution of shopping centers is about more than just business—it’s about creating lively environments where experiences are created, and life develops. Our goal for UŠĆE Shopping Center goes beyond simply reconstruction; it also involves promoting communities, welcoming innovation, and balancing with the surrounding area’s natural beauty.

The work will be carried out in segments and the center will be open to visitors at all times.

A Fresh Perspective

The renovation of UŠĆE Shopping Center marks the beginning of a new phase in modern style and functionality. We are reinventing shopping itself by embracing the sky above and the attractiveness of Belgrade’s confluence, architecture, and overall charm. The reconstructed facade will enable the ground floor to be fully opened to one of the most beautiful views – the confluence of the two rivers and Kalemegdan.

This way several hospitality premises with gardens will refresh the plateau surrounding the UŠĆE Shopping Center. MPC Properties’ dedication to building communities around its portfolio will foster a warm environment that invites guests to explore, interact, and indulge.

Architectural Splendor

At the heart of our refurbishment is a commitment to architectural excellence. The UŠĆE redevelopment project introduces a fresh architectural concept that focuses on incorporating abundant natural light, and transparent surfaces. This innovative approach aims to elevate the overall leisure experience for visitors, creating an extraordinary ambiance within the center. Enhancing the connectivity between floors and improving the visibility of stores will provide visitors with a unique and enjoyable shopping experience, elevating their purchasing journey.

Furthermore, the interior will be transformed into a more luminous space. Additionally, the introduction of a versatile area known as the “New Market Square” will open up new possibilities for hosting various events and promotions, ranging from food fairs, concerts, and theaters to home décor exhibitions. UŠĆE will offer an unparalleled shopping experience where every corner is made for inspiration and exploration.

Innovative Offerings

At the center of our renovation activities are convenience and safety. We are pleased to include cutting-edge formats like pop-up shops and showrooms, guaranteeing that each visit to UŠĆE is a unique shopping experience.

Furthermore, a mouthwatering range of culinary delights is promised by our food and beverage (r)evolution, from exquisite dining with stunning city views to high-quality, organic options that satisfy a variety of palates. Enhanced fashion offers will further uphold UŠĆE’s trendsetting role sustained for 15 years.

Unparalleled Leisure

UŠĆE Shopping Center has been a city spot for entertainment and leisure as well as a place to shop. With the new scope of recreational options, such as kid-friendly areas and a spectacular winter garden terrace, we will be welcoming guests to relax, socialize, and make lifelong memories in breathtaking settings.

Embrace the Future with UŠĆE

As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to shape the future of retail and leisure with us. UŠĆE Shopping Center is not just a place to shop; It is one of Belgrade’s key locations for community gathering, creativity, and connection. Let us write a new chapter of shopping excellence together.

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