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Modern Office Spaces in 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Office Spases

The shift from closed to open office design has had a profound effect on the happiness, productivity, and creativity of employees in modern offices everywhere. Not to mention providing a significant wow factor for the clients who visit these modern works of architectural and design art. Here are some reasons…
Stimulates Creativity, Collaboration and Communication
The three Cs of business — creativity, collaboration, and communication — are a set of behaviors that all managers strive to promote in their team members. When the three Cs permeate everything your employees do, the result is highest-quality work. There are many ways managers and business owners can stimulate creativity, collaboration, and communication, but one of the most effective is through the environment in which their employees work.
You can stimulate creativity by incorporating bright colors into your design elements. Whether it’s a theme that extends throughout your office space or just splashes of color here and there, bright tones can elevate your employees’ creativity and help them work better. Similarly, you can promote collaboration and communication through the arrangement of desks, furniture, and technology.
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Having access to a space with plenty of natural light helps regulate the body’s natural rhythm, which means you feel more alert during the day and restful at night. These appealing elements help to reduce stress and anxiety. Also, the colors around us affect our mood more than we realize. Some colors are known to soothe us, some to energize, while others distract or even aggravate us. If your home office is dark, particularly if natural light is limited, consider lightening the shade on your walls.
Rigid office spaces with numerous rows of workplaces are a concept of the past. A new playful organization where collaborative points, comfortable alcoves, home-feel islands are the disruptors of the mathematical organizational grids – bring interesting contents which break creative blocks, enhance collaboration and communication in a stress-free environment.
Custom made office space that provides all these benefits does not have to be organized and managed by the client, as it requires significant effort. That is why MPC Properties offers design and implementation of office space within the lease package. An experienced team of project managers, architects and engineers will carefully collect all required inputs, from technical to organizational and even social, and develop the optimal office space for tenant’s needs. Tenants are free to choose materials from renowned producers – from various colorful, homy or even edgy flooring options, to delicate, textured, or industrial wall finishes along with variations of modern lighting. All of this is done with samples in our workshop library. Once the design is complete and decisions made, our experienced contracting partners then proceed to construct the space. What remains afterwards is for tenants to just move in and kick off their new work chapter.

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