Social responsibility
MPC Properties seeks to be the preferred provider of advanced real estate solutions for investors in the ex-Yugoslavia region.
MPC Properties is committed to investing in and managing real estate with significant potential for improvement through active asset management initiatives.
Whether the investment requires renovation, re-development, re-positioning, restructuring or development to maximize its performance, MPC Properties identifies the approach with the most potential in order to define a suitable business plan which balances these strategies within the context of the local market.
Based on our successful track record, MPC Properties is ideally situated to develop into a world-class real estate platform. The following qualities separate us from our peers:

Expertise - MPC Properties senior management team has significant experience working in both Serbia as well as other major real estate markets abroad.

Experience - MPC Properties is a long term player in the SEE region with deep market knowledge, broad deal experience and extensive contacts. A differentiating aspect of MPC Properties is that the entire senior management team has prior experience of successfully delivering on investments in the region.
Creativity - MPC Properties is entrepreneurial, innovative and flexible in finding solutions. MPC Properties will lead and facilitate the entire process (from selecting advisors to debt funders) to position and/or financially structure assets to enhance underlying real estate returns. In addition to their investment and operational experience, MPC Properties management has extensive experience with the prevailing tax and legal regimes present in the region enabling implementation of clear and efficient strategies to manage legal risks.
Presence and Insight - MPC Properties has a proven and extensive network of contacts that enable it to develop an astute view on potential deals and the markets in which it operates. This perspective allows MPC Properites to better judge pricing, timing and alignment with potential partners providing a further level of risk mitigation and mid to long term value added creation strategies.
MPC Properties is a brand name with over 13 years of well-known reputation, not only built by our business success and landmark assets, but also by our social responsibility demonstrated through our stakeholder engagement, investments in human resources and environmental consciousness.
Our company’s numerous projects confirm our passion and commitment to sustainable development of our society. To name some, UŠĆE Shopping Center, one of our assets, got the prestige LEED EBOM certificate and became the first LEED certificated shopping mall in Serbia, meaning we guarantee to our clients less energy spent, higher efficiency in business, best inside conditions, such as quality of air, etc.
Another office building from our portfolio which is designed in accordance with LEED standards is the Navigator Business Center. It will be an intelligent building and class A office space.
MPC Properties, through its assets or directly is actively involved in numerous charity events and educative acts, on its own or together with credible partners (such as Ana and Vlade Divac foundation, Serbian blood transfusion institute, etc.)