Sub Real is located in Subotica at the crossroad of Beogradski Road and Bregalnicka Street. Beograski Road is one of the two main roads connecting the north to the south of Subotica. Sub Real is positioned approximately 3.5 km from the center of Subotica and has excellent visibility from Beogradski Road. This object comprises of a stand-alone big box development (GF + 1), with total area of 3,163 m2 and it is totally leased to IDEA d.o.o. Belgrade. The main entrance for visitors is from the south, from an open-air parking lot. The ground floor comprises of retail area, storage area (in the back of the building) and five retail units. Storage area comprises of eight cooling chambers and one deep freeze chamber. There are two additional chambers which are used as an ordinary storage space. The upper level comprises of couple of offices, changing rooms for employees and it is situated above the retail units.