Social Responsibilities
MPC Properties
Project Description
MPC Properties has been responsible company since its founding. Social responsibility has been integral part of every our business decision. To our company responsible relation towards society represents an imperative for management and inseparable part of every business venture. In this field, as in every other we do business in, we take leading place in the market.
For a very long time measurment of succes of a company does not represent only financial succes in business, but, above all, influence that it has on it’s environment, society and whole economy. To be socially responsible does not mean only to obey the law but to go further from only doing business in accordance with the law and invest more in human resources, environment and relations with stakeholders which is defined within the Green book published by EU and those are the principles we are building our business on. Our company’s numerous projects in this area confirm our passion and commitment to sustainable development of our society.
Confirmation of the commitment is the fact that one of our assets, UŠĆE Shopping Center, got the presitige LEED EBOM certificate and became the first LEED cerificated shopping mall in Serbia. The use of LEED standard guarantees spending the less energy, being more efficient in business, having the inside conditions, such as quality of air, on the highest level.
Another office building from our portfolio which is designed in accordance with LEED stanards is the Navigator Business Center. It will be „intelligent“ building and class A office space.
Also, within it’s socially responsible activities, UŠĆE Shopping Center pays significant attention to numerous charity and educative acts, on it’s own or together with credible partners (Ana and Vlade Divac foundation, Serbian blood transfusion institute, etc.)