Immo Outlet Center
Immo Outlet Center is the first outlet in Serbia. Built in 2006, with the 8,500 m2 and, after repositioning in 2009, it was renamed in Immo Outlet Center. The goal was to present its position as the only outlet center. Today, Immo Outlet Center is the most popular outlet center in the city, with more than 25 international and domestic tenants, such as N Sport, Sport Vision, Spotina, Ivko, Luna, Jasmin, Nursace, Dexy Co, Beneton, Time Out, Legend, Extreme Intimo, Laguna, coffeeshop Coffee, Tea and Simpathy, market Idea, Benu Pharmacy and others. All stores are divided into two floors, with underground garage for visitors. In front of Immo Outlet Center there is a large playground with the most modern equipment representing a favorite meeting place for families with children.