Shoppi Retail Park Borca
Retail Park Borca will host more than 35 international and domestic brands in large, modern ground-floor building that meet the latest international standards. Some of them will be McDonald’s Drive In, Sport Vision, Planet Sport, N Sport, Laguna, Jasmin, Studio Moderna, Diopta, Alta exchange office, supermarket DIS etc. All shops will be directly accessible from the central parking area, which has a capacity for 370 vehicles. Offering more than 12.000 m2 of retail space, located on the Zrenjanin road , one of the busiest roads, Retail Park Borca will be the most modern shopping destination on the left riverside of Danube, with excellent offer of international and domestic brands – fashion retailers, home décor, consumer electronics, IT and services.
Opened on 13th October 2016.